About us

First Standalone Center for Endoscopic Spine Surgery and Pain Therapy In India.

Asian Spine Hospital

First Standalone Center for Endoscopic Spine Surgery and Pain Therapy In India.

We have the distinction of starting the First Endoscopic Laser Spine Center in South India.

We strive to provide top-notch, targeted spine care and pain management, ensuring a seamless treatment experience.

Asian Spine Hospital is a 25-bedded state-of-the-art super specialty Spine Center, which is a one-stop solution for spine care. We have a unique approach to treat spinal conditions and disorders, ranging from spine surgeries to preventive measures, to effective rehabilitation. Our primary goal is to provide freedom from pain to our patients and help them return to their daily activities. This is possible due to our advanced equipment, which are on par with the best Institutions in the world.

Our Mission

To give affordable treatment with patient-centric approach, while promoting high standards and quality in full endoscopic spine surgery and endoscopic assisted spine surgery and pain therapies

Our Objectives

  1. To maximize patient safety and positive outcome with Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery.
  2. To develop and implement quality educational programs on Spine Endoscopic Surgical Techniques.
  3. To increase access and knowledge of Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery across the world.
  4. To establish international network for optimal practices in full endoscopic spine surgery.

Chairman’s Message

Dr. Sukumar Sura

Around 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives; about two thirds of the population will suffer from neck pain. These afflictions end up increasing the healthcare expenses and losing time from work. Moreover, these problems are responsible for the sufferings of millions of population, becoming two major causes of disability.

Our spine is a complex structure, supported by several muscles, ligaments, and tendons; thus, there is enormous risk of injuries. When any part of the spine is affected, it has devastating effects on our lives.

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