Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Full endoscopic spine surgery involves visualizing and accessing the operating site, using specially designed surgical tools. The instruments are inserted through very small access ports (<1cm) to reach the spinal column; all the manipulations with the instruments can be directly controlled through these ports. This technique significantly reduces the trauma experience by the patients and ensures a high level of safety and effectiveness.

Endoscopic surgery at Asian Spine Hospital provides several advantages:   

  • Excellent intraoperative visualization 
  • Very low level of trauma 
  • Slight postoperative scarring 
  • Fast postoperative rehabilitation 
  • No risk of infections
  • Reduced complications  

Full endoscopic spine surgery can be recommended for: 

  • Disc herniation 
  • Spinal canal stenosis 
  • Facet and SI joint syndrome 
  • Discogenic pain syndrome 
  • Interbody fusion 
  • Intervertebral infection
  • Trauma 

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