Wellness & Recovery

Wellness and Recovery

The spine of the low back is referred to as the lumbar spine in scientific circles. The spine is made of vertebrae that are stacked together to provide protection, movement and

Not all spinal problems require medicines and/or invasive surgeries, some injuries or conditions can be treated by simple exercises and lifestyle changes. This is when physiotherapy and yoga therapy play a role. Mild pain and conditions can be managed by stretching and strengthening exercises. Before undergoing certain procedures, some doctors may recommend physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles, which will help in faster recovery from surgical procedures. 

Asian Spine Hospital has dedicated departments for Physiotherapy and Yoga therapy.  


Physiotherapy at Asian Spine Hospital focuses to improve the patient’s condition, increase mobility, and prevent complications.  

Physiotherapy is vital to restore movement and function in case of disability, illness or injury. The physiotherapy program depends on the patient’s condition; it involves a functional, goal-oriented, interdisciplinary approach to help the patient live an independent, pain-free life.  

The physiotherapist performs a functional assessment to recommend an appropriate regimen for treating the patient, improve the outcomes of a surgical procedure, for rehabilitation, thereby helping the patient to return to his/her active life.  

Physiotherapy is the first approach for patients who have a mild to moderate condition of the back or neck. Such mild cases can be treated with a few sessions of physiotherapy, which may include relevant exercises, physical manipulations, transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation, red light therapy, ultrasound, etc.  

After a spinal surgery, endoscopic or open, physiotherapy will help regain the muscle function. It will also increase the chances of full recovery and improve the quality of life.  

Yoga therapy 

At Asian Spine Hospital, we provide evidence-based yoga therapy to help patients overcome their spinal issues. According to American College of Physicians, non-drug treatment options such as yoga should be recommended as an initial step to treat neck and back problems.  

Yoga therapy uses yoga postures, meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery to improve physical and mental health. It involves the application of yoga practices to alleviate physical and mental conditions, along with preventing other illnesses and maintaining good health.  

Recent scientific evidence has emphasized the efficacy of yoga therapy for managing various physical and mental conditions. Several studies have provided evidence to improve low back pain and physical activity. There are various yoga postures to strengthen and support the back, and to relieve the symptoms of a herniated disc. 


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