Why Us


We are the First dedicated Full Endoscopic Spine Centre in India. Our experts have experience of more than 2500 cases in endoscopic spine surgeries. Our approach for endoscopic spine surgeries help patients return to their daily work early and live a healthy life.

When patient comes to the hospital with pain, he/she is assessed and a hypothesis is generated to know the cause of the pain. Clinical and radiological correlation is done and treatment is started in the form of:

  • Pain assessment and counselling
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Pain management
  • Physiotherapy and Yoga therapy


If patient is benefited from the above, then they are followed up closely with regular consultations with the team. If there is no improvement, surgery is indicated and Endoscopic/Least invasive surgery is done. The biggest advantage of this surgery is, the patient is discharge on the same day or the next morning, as it is least invasive surgery.

From assessment to the procedure happens in less than a day, making it beneficial and convenient for the patient and the family. With this treatment approach, the patient can resume work and return to his/her daily activities early.

How are we different from Conventional Spine Centres?

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